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  • Holiday Travel
    As the holidays roll in, more and more pet parents are making their boarding reservations and some calling in asking about how they should prepare for traveling with their fur Read more
  • Happy Holidays!
    Happy Holidays everyone! The year is quickly coming to a close. I cannot believe that it is almost 2015…where did the time go? As owner and veterinarian of Chattahoochee Animal Read more
  • A rescue story....love is blind
    Thank to 11Alive for giving these guys some air time. They, and the many fur kids that are abandoned and neglected deserve a voice...advocates for their wellness. Helping these rescued Read more
  • Is dental health really that important?
    Read more
  • Dental month is almost over here at CAC...
    Only 4 days left for the $100 off dental cleaning here at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic. Our dental month has been very popular and we are grateful for the response. It is Read more
  • April is Heartworm Awareness Month...
    It never ceases to amaze me, how prevalent heartworm disease is here in Georgia. It is unfortunate how often we see heartworm positive dogs. We work closely with a rescue Read more
  • Canine Influenza - Do's & Don'ts
    The University of Georgia has confirmed the first case of canine influenza in Georgia. The strain that was isolated is the H3N3 strain responsible for the outbreak in the Midwest. Read more
  • Dog Parks & Potential Health Risks
    Dog parks.... Even though we encourage exercise and socialization, which dog parks can absolutely provide, there are still a few things that concern us. Below are 5 good reasons to think Read more
  • The Leptospirosis Threat is Real for Dogs
    Hello all! I wanted to pass along some information to everyone concerning an article that I just read in one of my veterinary journals. The article was all about Leptospirosis(lepto). Now Read more
  • The Importance of Senior Pet Care
    Senior pets need a little more care than we think. September is Senior Pet Month at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic.  We believe that prevention and proper diagnostics   help enhance and prolong your fur kids Read more
  • Titers…Is this a replacement for vaccines?
    The trend in human medicine is towards titers vs. empiric vaccination. This is now emerging as a hot topic in veterinary medicine. We answer titer questions weekly at our practice Read more
  • Autum is here...Protect your pet
    Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. Weather is getting cooler, hiking, bonfire nights and camping become the popular things to do outdoors. Of course our four legged friends are Read more
  • Winter Weather Safety
    With most of the country experiencing bone-chilling temperatures, snow and ice, the American Veterinary Medical Association reminds pet owners that a fur coat is not enough to fend off brutal temperatures. “Most Read more
  • Five Puppy Behavior Tips
    5 Puppy Behavior Tips Puppies just like children are born to take in their environment and learn. The entire staff at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic believe that the earlier you get started Read more
  • Fleas are NOT our friends
    Fleas are not our friends, they actually can cause a slew of issues for both our fur kids, ourselves and our family. Below are some facts about fleas and our recommendations. Read more
  • Here comes summer to Roswell!!
    As summer sets in here in Roswell, Georgia and the humidity and heat start ramp up, we must remember to take precautions with our furry family member. Dogs and cats Read more

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