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  • Infomation about your pet's dental health. Did you know?
    Did you know?...... 1. Periodontal (Dental) Disease is the most frequently diagnosed infectious disease in pets! 2. 85% of Adult pets have periodontal disease and are displaying signs 3. Signs of oral disease Read more
  • Upcoming Events
    This is an exciting time for CAC. We are finally on the home stretch of the clinic renovations and will hopefully be finishing up in the next few weeks. The Read more
  • Did you know??? Labor Day Edition
    Fun Facts about Labor Day The first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City back on Tuesday Sept. 5, 1882. The event was organized by the Central Labor Union, according to the Read more
  • How to Teach Your Puppy to Play
    Thinkstock A dog’s individual personality is often reflected in the type of play he prefers.These preferences can be breed-specific (Labradors and Golden Retrievers, for example, are bred to fetch), but often Read more
  • Heartworm Disease Out and About in Roswell Georgia
    Happy September everyone! I wanted to make quick mention of few things that we have noticed on the rise in our patients at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic and touch on the importance Read more
  • The world's most relaxed patient at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic
    Here is a pic of one of our new Chattahoochee Animal Clinic family members! A great depiction of the comfortable environment here at CAC in Roswell! This also serves as Read more
  • Chattahoochee Animal Clinic's Fall Open House Update
    I just wanted to give everyone an update about our open house scheduled for October 5th. It is finally feeling like fall here in Roswell, GA, which means only one thing...Football! However, Read more
  • OTC preventatives NOT advised
    So, I went to our local walmart in Roswell, GA this past weekend and to no surprise, I am seeing more and more "look-alikes" to the common insect preventatives that we Read more
  • Obesity management at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic
    Obesity in our canine friends is always a challenge as a veterinarian. The weight gain can be subtle to start, but as time goes on some of our pets quietly Read more
  • Happy Puppy at CAC
    We had another great week at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic. Here is a satisfied customer. This is Sheba and my son, Gavin. Sheba is a rescue and currently in the care of Read more
  • Garbage Gut
    Anytime food preparation is underway, food scraps, wrappers and more are thrown into the garbage. At some point, our pet's head will find its way into the garbage can. This Read more
  • From Homeless to Homebound in Roswell
    Happy fall everyone! The leaves are falling and the mornings are brisk....Ahhh, its about time!! In the month of October, Chattahoochee Animal Clinic's focus is on adoption of the cats and dogs Read more
  • More than just a sugar high!
    It is getting getting close to Halloween here in Roswell, GA. This can only mean one thing...the candy is flying off the shelves and the number of vet visits to Read more
  • Autumn Pet Friendly Activities in Roswell Georgia
    Pet Friendly Activities for Autumn In the  Roswell Area  The crisp autumn air and seasonal fall traditions present opportunities that can be experienced exclusively during this time of year. Many of these Read more
  • Cold Weather is Here in Roswell
    Cold Weather Pet Safety You’re probably already aware of the risks posed by warm weather and leaving pets in hot cars here in Georgia, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats Read more
  • Chattahoochee Animal Clinic's November Pet Specials
    This is the specials that we send out to all of our pet parents at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic. But our goal is to extend this offer to all the pet parents Read more

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