Chattahoochee Animal Clinic is fully equipped to handle the many dermatological needs of our patients. Due to the environmental conditions of Atlanta, our pets are exposed to some of the harshest allergy conditions in the country. As with humans, our pet's dermatology conditions can simple or complex in nature. We work in close association with a local,  boarded dermatologist to ensure that your pets dermatologic condition received the best medical care.

We treat a wide-array of dermatology conditions, such as

  • Ear disease (otitis)
  • Auto-immune skin disease
  • Bacterial skin infections
  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Yeast (Malassezia sp.) infections
  • Recurrent rashes and hives
  • Ringworm infections
  • Genetic and congenital skin diseases
  • Food Allergies
  • Pododermatitis (foot disease)
  • Environmental allergies (atopic dermatitis)
  • Nail and/or footpad disorders
  • Endocrine/Metabolic disease
  • Hot spots (acute moist dermatitis)
  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Skin cancer/tumors
  • Itching (pruritus)
  • Parasitic skin diseases (e.g., mange)
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Tick, lice, mite, and flea control

The Chattahoochee Animal Clinic uses several diagnostic tests, such as:

  • Allergy testing (serology)
  • Ear and skin cultures
  • Skin biopsies/mass removals
  • Tissue samples (biopsies)
  • Skin scrapings
  • Fungal cultures/preparations
  • Hair plucks
  • Wood’s lamp exam
  • Blood work (general and endocrine)
  • Fine needle aspirates
  • Impression smears
  • Diet trials/elimination diets
  • Surface skin cytology
  • Otic exams
  • Ear cytology

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