Cat Friendly Veterinary Services

Chattahoochee Animal Clinic wants to ensure that your feline friend has a positive experience with every visit to the hospital. We have a exam room that is cat only, in order to create a low stress environment for our feline patients. Instead of going into an exam room that was just occupied by a dog, they will take comfort in multiple cat house hide-aways and a familiar cat smell. We provide them with environmental enrichment consisting of toys and a large cat tree. Our staff is skilled in the advanced care of cats both young and old. We will provide you with a preventative care plan that is tailored to your cat's specific lifestyle and age. Our goal is to provide you and your feline companion with outstanding veterinary care in a comfortable, low-stress environment.

Also, we have dedicated cat only boarding, so that while you are away your cat will be able to rest comfortably in an environment that is dog-free and veterinarian supervised. Our kennel staff will provide daily environmental enrichment and playtime with your companion, while he or she is vacationing at our clinic.

Stop by and see for yourself that Chattahoochee Animal Clinic truly cares about the health of your cat.

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