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Welcome to your new addition to the family!

It is that time of the year again in the veterinary world…puppy and kitten season! At Chattahoochee Animal Clinic, we have grown accustomed to seeing all of our Santa puppies arriving at our door in the months of January and February. Getting that new puppy or kitten can be intimidating for some, especially our first-time parents. There are so many things swirling around concerning what they should eat, how they should be house-trained, if they need grooming, and the list goes on and on. It can be overwhelming and everyone…friends, family, and google have an opinion. This is where we can step in and help add in some guidance to make those first few months more enjoyable versus worrisome.

Our veterinary team specializes in customizing our care for your new furkid and ensuring that you quickly become comfortable with the care required to get a great start, but also ensure a long future. What must we take into account when thinking of the care needed for our new family member. Well, every pet is different, every family has a different lifestyle, every environment leads to different requirements for protection, etc. We believe that taking into account all of these variables and more will enable our veterinary team to provide the best care.

The first visit is critical. During this visit, we expect a huge Q & A to occur. As a veterinary team we get the lay of the land per se, as we learn the answers to all of the questions we mentioned previously. We encourage questions…nothing is “stupid”. As a veterinary team, we want our pet parents to leave the hospital with a complete understanding of how to take care of their pet for the long term. The vaccine series for a new puppy or kitten allows us the opportunity to regroup every few weeks to see how things are going with items, such as training or house-breaking. We are able to answer any questions that have arisen since the last visit and create an improved understanding of the care for their pet.

Communication is key for successfully raising of a puppy or kitten. At our clinic, we provide an open line of communication with our pet owners. We encourage our pet parents to reach out via phone or email at any time when they have questions pertaining to their pet’s care. Weekends, holidays, after hours…please email or call your veterinary team for advice. This holds true especially for puppy or kitten parents. Enabling a continuity of care will create or foster a positive outcome for the most complex problem, but also the simplest, such as “He chewed up my son’s crayons… what should I do”. In our eyes open communication creates comfort, which is vital for a first-time pet parent.

To put this all together for our new pet parents out there…ask questions and become informed about the specific care that your new loveable furkid may require. An open line of communication will enable you to relax and enjoy your new family member. And if something is going on that you may be concerned about…just know you have a veterinary team ready to solve any problem.

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