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Pandemic Puppies

These have been trying times recently for sure. With more people staying at home and kids out of school, we have seen an increase of new puppies in the Roswell/ & North Fulton households. The staff at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic have enjoyed being a part of these growing families in the north metro Atlanta area.  I, for one, LOVE puppy breath! Currently, there are many benefits of adding a puppy to the family. We are home and able to train the puppy with consistency. Our kids are able to have new playmates in a current world view that discourages play-dates. The puppy gets a new home with a new family to love on him and allow him to grow up healthy. Our schedules provide availability to be consistent with veterinary clinic visits to make sure that they stay healthy and have a good start. It has been a win,win for the puppies and clients.

Life will continue to evolve in the Roswell and Alpharetta communities. So, what happens when the kids go back to school or the parents go back to work? Little by little, our community will return to normal with the families back in their routines and the puppies left alone for longer periods of time. 

How does that affect our new family members? Many may experience separation anxiety and even become destructive in the house. In the veterinary field, this has become a hot topic for many veterinary hospitals and clinicians nationwide, as the cases of adverse dog behavior spike.

How do we recognize this in our puppies and what can we do to prevent it? The first thing to understand is that it is easy for these sweet puppies to become overly attached to the family and react in a destructive way when they are suddenly left alone. A crate is a great way for them to have a safe haven to stay in where they feel comfortable and are familiar with their surroundings. This can have a calming effect on the puppy and make them less likely to have this negative behavior. The place that the crate stays is important as well. Put the crate in an area that they are familiar with and play the TV on low volume or some music for distraction. Give them a special treat that they only get when you are leaving, so that their routine is consistent and they know what to expect. If possible, make this a gradual introduction to the routine and crate. Put them in the crate for 1-2 hours at first and then add more time over a two-week period. Sometimes partially covering the crate with a blanket or sheet makes your puppy feel more secure.

The pandemic has created a puppy boom in Roswell and Alpharetta and many have added a fur kid to their families. We are so happy to see these little babies and watch them grow over time. We are always available to help with puppy issues and transition periods as we hopefully get back to a normal way of life. Please know that we give every new member of your family a big welcome and we are always here to help. We truly feel like you are an extension of our veterinary clinic family and we want the very best for you and your puppy. There is really nothing else in the world like having a puppy to love! Children having a companion to grow up with is a bond similar to that of a human sibling. Chattahoochee Animal Clinic is here to ensure that you are fully informed of how to care for your pup, but also to serve as a resource for all the questions that new pet parents may have after adopting a fur kid.

Talk to you soon!

Dr Dianne Dawkins

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