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Chattahoochee Animal Clinic – Dr Marcus Smith Announces TeleVet and Curbside Veterinary Service

May 12, 2020



Through the global health crisis, Dr Marcus Smith from Chattahoochee Animal Clinic, has looked at the local community in Roswell, GA and tried to make it as safe as possible to provide everything that’s needed to take care of everyone’s pets even if they’re not current clients.

Chattahoochee Animal Clinic can now be accessed through TeleVet, phone, curbside, video, or still physically coming in. Different procedures and policies have been enacted for all those options to provide safety for both staff and clients. More info about TeleVet is here https://myatlantavet.com/telemedicine

It began with curbside, and then a new Facebook page for the clinic that’s just for videos and messenger so that clients can sit in their car and watch the exam and take part in it, just as if they were in the room.

The Chattahoochee Animal Clinic has altered its experience to meet this new economy … Dr Smith says, ‘when this all went down, my thought was there’s gonna be a lot of new stuff that we’re gonna have to adapt to, and some of this new stuff may actually turn out to be an asset for my team and my clients down the road’.

He feels that telemedicine or virtual exams or curbside check-in, might carry on after this ends and that clients might actually appreciate these new options. For somebody who’s handicapped for example, if they really don’t want to, or can’t bring their dog in, the exam can be lived streamed so they are part of it, whereas before, they never would have been part of that.

The aim is to be a helpful and caring resource for the community. He adds ‘so we’re gonna get a good history on the pet when they come in. I’m gonna talk to them, spend time with them on the phone, I’m gonna go out to their car, keep 6 feet away and have a conversation with them with a mask on. Whatever it takes, whatever they need. My role is simple, if your pet is sick, we are here for you’.

To contact Dr Smith from Chattahoochee Animal Clinic in Roswell, GA visit the website above, or call 770-993-6329.

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