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Chattahoochee Animal Clinic is now offering virtual healthcare services with Televet!

In the field of veterinary medicine, we are just beginning our exploration with telemedicine. CAC is excited to enhance our care with this type of technology.

IMPORTANT: If you suspect a serious illness or have an emergency, please call our office directly. Televet is not for those types of situations.

Televet…What is it?

Televet is a telemedicine platform that will allow you access to virtual appointments with our veterinarians. Communication for this appointment can be made via text, phone, and video chat. You are also able to upload pictures and videos to help aid your veterinarian on the case. This service is ONLY available to current clients and patients of Chattahoochee Animal Clinic. We cannot legally use telemedicine for new patients or patients that have not been seen in-clinic within the last year. 


Telemedicine is not the answer for every patient.

In human medicine, the patient can talk to their doctor to discuss the symptoms they are experiencing. Our patients obviously cannot do this. So, we rely heavily on physical exams and diagnostic testing to help us reach our decisions on the best course of treatment.

For many of the problems our patients experience, our veterinarians need to lay their hands on the pet to help determine the source and severity of the problem. However, telemedicine does have a place in the modern veterinary practice.

If during the consultation, the veterinarian recommends that the patient be seen at the hospital for additional testing or treatment. The cost of the TeleVet consultation will be applied to the in-house physical examination fee.

How it Works: 

1)The Pet Owner creates a new consultation, including a written summary with pictures and/or videos. Payment is submitted with the case.

 2)The veterinarian assigned to the case, receives the consultation details online and will review the information provided

 3)The doctor will communicate with the pet owner via phone, text, or video chat and                                                          reach a diagnosis and then formulate a treatment plan for the pet.

Chattahoochee Animal Clinic reserves the right to decline the use of telemedicine if our veterinarians believe it will cause substandard care for our patients. Owners must accept that using telemedicine will limit our abilities to give complete information, diagnosis, and treatment.

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