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We continue to remain OPEN during the outbreak of COVID-19. However, we are modifying protocols and the methods that we conduct our appointments to comply with CDC guidelines and keep both staff and clients safe.  

  1. We are asking clients who are sick (respiratory disease, cold, flu) or clients who have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 to NOT ENTER THE CLINIC. Please contact us ahead of your appointment and make special arrangements to provide care for your pet.  
  2. We are offering “car-side pickup” as preferred option to reduce your exposure to others and maintain the ideal of social distancing. We can go to your car and retrieve your pet for the appointment without you having to enter the clinic. The doctor will be able to communicate directly with you and CAC will provide the same high level of care for your pet inside the clinic. Please call the clinic when you arrive, so that we can notify our staff to come out to your car. 
  3. Medication refills are still readily available in clinic or “curbside”. Our staff can bring medications and prescription diets out to your car. Please just call when you arrive at the clinic and we will bring them to you.  
  4. We are spreading out appointments to eliminate congestion and close contact within the lobby. Our reception staff is also placing appointments directly into rooms prior to check-in to limit the number of people in the lobby at one time.  
  5. DROP OFF Appointments: Please take advantage of this type of appointment. We are able to get your pet outside on the porch, in the parking lot, or from your car (Preferred) and take care of their medical care needs, while drastically reducing exposure to others. We are offering a FREE bath for any drop-off visits for preventative care. 
  6. Our staff may be wearing gloves and a mask to retrieve your pet from your car for an appointment. We do NOT have COVID 19. We are only doing this to keep our staff safe out of an abundance of caution. 
  7. We may have limited staff at times during this outbreak, but we will do our absolute best to avoid any delays during your visit. 

In the works…. 

I am personally looking into the ability to provide telemedicine as an option for short term care of patients that are unable to come to the clinic. I will also look into the feasibility of having a live video of the exam in the clinic, while the owner is waiting in the car. This could potentially enable an owner to take part in the exam, while maintaining the social distancing recommendation. I will keep everyone posted as we evolve with the COVID-19 situation.
Thank you to all of our CAC families for being patient and understanding of our procedural changes during and surrounding your visit to the clinic. As this situation is fluid, I will continue to modify our policies and guidelines as dictated by the CDC and AVMA. CAC’s persisting goal to be available to provide our high level of care for the pets of our community will not waiver during this pandemic. We are all in this together, both human and furkid, and we will get through these uncertain times. Please stay safe and take care.
Marcus Smith DVM 

Owner/Medical Director

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