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Why Does Dental Health Matter For Your Pet?

You hear from your veterinarian that your pet needs a dental. You already know he has bad breath! It’s the first thing you notice when you are greeted each night when you arrive home. What does that mean? How important is it to have bright, white teeth? Turns out, it’s really important!

Dental disease starts right from the start. After your pet sheds its baby teeth and the permanent teeth are full erupted, your pet’s teeth are exposed to bacteria. The mouth is a very important first defense for the body. Enzymes and good bacteria provide a defensive attack against bacteria and subsequent tartar and calculus that builds on the teeth. If left untreated, this tartar will cause inflammation in the gums and eventually infection. The teeth will start building a brown colored plaque on the teeth, especially the larger chewing teeth. This will cause an inflammatory response in the gums and they become red and swollen. The inflammation will continue and bacteria invade to cause infection. The bad breath you smell could be the infection that is occurring in the gums. So, does it end in the mouth?

Dental disease can affect the heart and kidneys through the bloodstream. Bacteria from the mouth can be carried to other organs in the body. This makes prevention and treatment so much more important. Prevention can be provided with several tools. Here at Chattahoochee Animal Clinic, we carry a natural product called Perio Support that provides enzymes that prevents plaque buildup and probiotics that restore beneficial bacteria in the mouth. If your pet likes to chew we also carry Oravet that breaks down and softens the plaque so it does not attach to the tooth. The key to the Oravet is the longer they chew the more effective the product.

We truly care about your pet’s dental needs and would be glad to discuss this with you at your next visit. We offer free dental exams to let you know what grade your pet’s teeth are and what our recommendations are. Chattahoochee Animal Clinic also offers discounts twice a year to encourage our clients to be aware of their pet’s dental needs and to defray costs to treat. In the month of February, we are offering $100 off the dental procedures! If you have questions concerning your pet, please call us today to make an appointment.

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Dr Dianne Dawkins

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